For existing and future students

Your Personal Data

Scott Barron Piano Teacher will be what is known as the ‘Controller’ of the personal data you provide to me. My business address is 2 Marionville Crescent, Edinburgh EH7 6AU.

What I Need

Unless otherwise agreed with you, I will only collect basic personal data about you and, if relevant, your child/children. This information includes your name, home address, email address, contact telephone numbers, your child/children’s name and their date of birth (if entering an exam or participating in a competition).

Why I Need It

I need to know basic personal data in order to provide you with the services you have engaged me to provide, and to assert my right to be recompensed in return for these services as per the agreement I have with you (detailed below). I will not collect any personal data from you that I do not need in order to provide and oversee the services I have agreed to provide you with.

What I Do With It

All the personal data I hold about you will be processed by myself only. The information may also be shared with the following third-party organisations:

  • Accounting Software Company (Quickbooks)
  • Music Studio Management Software (
  • Examination Boards
  • Music Festivals and Competitions

No other third parties will have access to your personal data unless there is a legal obligation for me to provide it. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is processed securely.

How Long I Keep It

I will generally keep your personal data for the duration of lessons, then for a maximum of 3 years once lessons have terminated, after which time it will be destroyed if it is no longer required for the lawful purpose(s) for which it was obtained. If you consent to marketing, any information I use for this purpose will be kept with me until you notify me that you no longer wish to receive this information.

What I Would Also Like To Do With It

I would like to send you information about my services (e.g. lesson changes, holiday periods, fee increases, etc, and future events (e.g. my annual Christmas Party, forthcoming performance opportunities, and relevant future concerts) by telephone, email, and/or SMS. If you do not agree to being contacted this way, email me at 


  • Unless otherwise agreed, a flat-rate system will be used for tuition. Monthly installments are structured so that regardless of the number of lesson weeks in each month, the tuition remains a flat, predictable amount. Pre-planned absences and holiday breaks have also been factored into the rate.
  • Invoices will be sent on the last day of each month and will be due within 7 days.
  • Tuition reflects all teaching weeks for the entire school year, including summer weeks.
  • A discretionary make up credit may be given should a lesson have to be cancelled or changed. The make up lesson can be taken any time within a 4 month period.
  • In the unlikely event I need to cancel a lesson I will try to let you know as far in advance as possible. You will never be charged for a lesson I have cancelled, and I will endeavour to reschedule so that none of the allocated lesson numbers are missed.
  • Should there be a shortfall of the number of lessons received, additional times and dates will be offered.
  • Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually at the time arranged. If you are late for a lesson it may not be possible to extend the time as this may encroach into someone else’s lesson.


To practise regularly and to enjoy playing the piano 😊


To ensure practising is done regularly, and to positively encourage practise.


If you require me to purchase music on your behalf I will add the cost price to the next invoice. However, I am happy for you to purchase your own scores should you prefer.


  • Any increase in fees will be notified in writing during the term before the increase takes place. Increases will typically occur at the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Should you wish to discontinue lessons, for whatever reason, I’d be grateful for as much notice as possible.